Thursday, March 23, 2006

What No CEO Should Do . . . without

 CEO's are required to play guessing games about a measure that is more significant than either the financials or the KPI's.

No CEO would attempt to run a company without a careful eye on its financials. If there were the slightest question, they would be looked at again and again.

No managing officer would take responsibility for the success of an organization without staying on top of its KPI's and process metrics.

In any professionally run company, these measures are prepared regularly. No board would permit the company to be without. No manager would guess at them or take someone else's word for them. Or even his own "gut feel." They would be measured; they would be analyzed. The company's survival is on the line.

However, there is a measure of even greater importance that is missing. It is the Operating Dynamic Index - The ODI. It is almost never made available. Yet it is the measure that allows managers to:
Trigger significant bottom line improvements*
Predict future performance **

The Operating Dynamic is that complex of organizational and human factors that underlies, drives and impels performance - present and future. The Index is the full organizational analog of the balance sheet or P&L.

While the financials and the KPI's both measure the past, the Operating Dynamic is actually, in the moment, creating the future, its measures are predicting the future. And the value of this Operating Dynamic is being GUESSED!!. As if it cannot be measured. As if it is too "soft" for hard numbers.

But this is not the case. It is possible to quantify the Operating Dynamic - with hard numbers - easily, quickly and reliably.

We have been measuring and working with the Operating Dynamic of companies since 1980. Now, with advances in technology, we can offer that service more rapidly and more reasonably than ever.

It is something no manager should be without. As an added bonus, the ROI's are very high*.

For more information, contact us at 847-599- 9960 or by email at There are, of course, no strings attached.

* For a short piece on this subject see Companies Increase Financial Returns by 40%
** See Predicting and Preempting the Corporate Heart Attack

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