Wednesday, July 26, 2006

When a CFO Becomes the Prophet of Doom

When a CFO Becomes the Prophet of Doom

As CFO you have probably experienced the pain of bearing the bad news to the CEO. And being asked (an understatement surely) why you did not tell him sooner. The truth that the numbers did not exist sooner is never accepted.

Following is a link to a short summary of an article titled "The CFO as Corporate Prophet" - see below. It deals with a unique technology of corporate performance prediction that a CFO can utilize. The technology has been proven time after time on the bottom lines of companies you will know.

So powerful is this technology, that the article will appear in multiple business magazines in the next couple of months including, Corporate Finance Review, Management Accounting, CEO Refresher and CEOOnLine. Others have already requested permission.

The Article was authored by John Collins, a CFO who has used the technology a number of times, and Tom FitzGerald who created it in 1980.

The CFO as Corporate Prophet A summary.

For information on how this process might work for you, please contact Tom FitzGerald at or call 847-599-9960.


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