Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Business Articles

Business Articles
Following are links to two business articles by business-catalyst, speaker and writer, Tom FitzGerald*. They deal with a unique, ground breaking, and powerful technology of corporate performance improvement.

Please feel free (with the usual credits of course) to republish them, post the articles to your website, email them to your clients, customers and associates and/or forward them to your business association. If you publish them, please let us know; we like to keep track.

Simplify the Politics!
When surplus, needless politics are stripped away, energy for corporate achievement is released.

Hitting the Ground Running As the New CEO
"In just two days, the process took two years off my learning curve."

For information on how this process might work for you, please contact Tom FitzGerald at or call 847-599-9960.

*Tom FitzGerald has personally consulted with more than two hundred organizations, his articles have appeared more than a hundred times in magazines around the world. His company's web is at



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