Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Rebirth of a Company

We are often asked why our work causes such significant shifts in systemic performance: Quite simply, we have a technology that allows managing officers to focus powerfully the energies of the management teams on the core drivers of performance. And transform them.

But when the question turns to HOW it works, it becomes much harder to explain. You see, the drivers - there are about a hundred of them - lie within the Operating Dynamic of the company. (Think of this if you like as the Corporate Will.) These drivers comprise the emotional life of the company. And can only be transformed emotionally.

We have created a way to do this. Through laughter.

Artwork by Anne FitzGerald, creator of the "Dear God Kids"

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Company's Future - To Guess...? or To Measure...?

No CEO, however busy, would risk his company's future without measuring its financials - frequently. Knowing that to use the financials alone to judge future performance is like driving a car using only the rear-view mirror.

The smarter CEO measures the KPI's (key performance indicators) as well. Knowing that using these - still trailing but earlier expressions - is no better than driving by looking out the side window. (Many believe this is as good as it gets.)

However, the wise and prudent CEO measures the root causes, the drivers of performance. They predict the future at the very time they are creating it.

  • They can be identified. Easily.
  • They can be measured. Quickly.
  • They can be transformed. Readily.
The Exec Report of the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce, carries a review of an article on the subject of performance prediction. (Click on icon below.) The full article was the lead in the May 2005 edition of The CEO Refresher.

To read the review, click here.

Another article on a similar subject appeared in the journal of the Turnaround Management Association. Titled
The Preemptive Turnaround it was written as a kind of prequel (?) to the Refresher article.
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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Cause of Corporate Growth

Before sustained corporate growth is possible
Before that growth can show in the financials

Even before implementation is begun
Or the financing arranged
Or the planning done

There must be a preparedness, a readiness
In the operating dynamic of the company.

Without it, nothing will happen.
Except the squandering of human and financial resources.

With it, the likelihood of success is multiplied.

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