Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Foundations of Recovery - I

There are just six critical functions that determine corporate performance. They constitute a company's Operating Dynamic .. They encompass its inherent Will to Compete .. They are entirely within the control of management.

Improving them by a mere 20% increases the bottom line by 40%*, something no cutback, no strategy can do.

During the intense 1980-82 recession we created a process that:
  1. Provides hard measures for these critical functions and presents them as a Balance Sheet and P&L; this was never before possible.
  2. Enables CEO's to trigger serious improvements in them - and on their companies' bottom lines.
It has worked in every downturn (and upturn) since,
in large companies and small, in for-profits, and not-for-profits, even government. It is fast. It is economical. It is non-intrusive.

It is true corporate mobilization. It leaves your company, not only more profitable, but stronger, more aggressive, ready for the recovery.

I would like to tell you about this. Would it be possible for your assistant to arrange a time for us to talk? In this recession there is probably nothing you can do that will bring greater or faster results.


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