Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thriving in Recession III -
Mobilizing the Will to Compete

The fundamental driver, the root cause, of all business performance is Corporate Will©. Not strategy, tactics, operations, or anything else that is measured in an audit or due-diligence. It costs virtually nothing to change and a small change triggers large improvements in corporate competitiveness and profits.

Corporate Will is that complex of organizational and human factors that underlie, drive and predict all corporate performance. It consists of fifteen* major organizational attributes - drivers and blockers - that generate and determine how the company performs. All are entirely within the control of management.

If they are identified and quantified, changing them is easy and virtually cost free. And changing them has been proven to have an extraordinary and magnifying impact on the bottom line. The Corporate 360° is a unique web-based diagnostic instrument. It creates an in-depth analysis of an organization's critical Will to Compete, and presents it in terms of a Balance Sheet and a P&L. This has never before been possible.

It is non intrusive; it is economical. Within days (or hours) the information can be in the hands of management. With that information, true and lasting mobilization is possible.

* The Attributes: All the factors we measure are to be found in our book, Fire in the Corporate Belly, see below. Additional attributes will appear in subsequent emails. Stay Tuned! Attribute No. 2 can be found at Corporate Commitment. Attribute No. 1, Acknowledgement of Work, may be accessed through the 2nd posting on our blog.


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