Monday, March 02, 2009

A Fighting Response to Recession

A Fighting Response
to Recession
Imagine . . . .   All your people aggressively thinking, planning, working together - not just for the company's survival, but for its success.
The least would be an immediate surge in profits.  

But less than 20% of people's goals are congruent with their company's.   And that shows in its Will to Compete.   Even in good times, this operates at less than 30% of its potential.   If it is improved by just 20%,
the bottom line improves by 40%.

But how?

First, measure it in detail.   Once you know, transforming is profoundly simple,
the ROI extraordinary

What it is, how it can be measured and transformed, is addressed in our book
Fire in the Corporate Belly.  The book and individual articles can be purchased at  Whales Tale Press.


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