Monday, August 31, 2009

The CEO and the Great Recession

When a great CEO mobilizes a company to face a great challenge, he does not just focus on costs or on revenues, on strategies or tactics, or even all of those. He focuses on evoking the very spirit of the organization and on transforming it, knowing that this spirit will do the rest. Great battlefield generals do this also.

While all professional managers know that every company has a unique, motive spirit that generates all its performance - from development of vision to final execution - most are not aware of what exactly it consists of, or how to tap into it, or how to change it. This is not taught in B schools.

Since 1980, however, the make-up of this corporate spirit (call it
Operating Dynamic) has been known and documented. In 1985 the technology to trigger changes in it was developed. It has since been used in more than 200 organizations to transform them even to their intrinsic Will to Compete. No longer is it necessary to be a "Great Leader" to do so.

Our book Fire in the Corporate Belly, now in its second, expanded edition, describes both the makeup of the corporate spirit and the methodology of changing it. The introduction can be accessed here. Summaries of the chapters can be accessed at Fire in the Corporate Belly.


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